Sacha Angel Diener

Sacha Angel Diener

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First Name * Sacha
Last Name * Angel Diener
Username * TheFirstAngel
Country * Switzerland
Nationality swiss


Current Position Animator;Artist;Designer;Matte Painter;Modeller;Production
Areas of Expertise AdvertistingGames ComputerGraphic DesignPost ProductionPre ProductionVFX
Preferred Tools AnimationCompositingDesignIllustrationLightingMatte PaintingModelingTexturing3ds maxcombustionPainterPhotoshopVRayZBrushZBrushArt DirectionCharactersStoryboardingmodellingVue


Availability: Freelance


I am workin as an traditional and cg artist since 1993 in 2d and 3d.

Art is my passion and my first love, ever, and to live that life is a privelege and a gift - I see as my responsebilety to make the best of this I can and pass on the joy and pleasure it gives me.

After my praepedeutikum on the HgkZ in 3d with aditional modules Photography and Fashion Design, I've got a job offered as storyboard artist in a small filmstudio. Soon after I was asked to design sets, costumes, and a time went on i slowly moved into conceptart while spending my nights learning to work with 3d applications.
While off and on working as a Freelancer as well, I also was spending time in employmentships to eventually being responsible for a few projects artdirection, worked as Leadartist, but also was offered a position to teach art.

When I look back my whole life, i think since i was 4 years old there never has been a way i did not draw or paint.
Visual storytelling is my passion and my pleasure. when i was a small boy i would attempt to draw characters and scenes from books I've read, I wanted to work in the game or film industry and invent characters and creatures, and dreamed of creating vast epic sets.
Over all these years I've never let go, I would did practice daily to get a small step closer in my craft to bring the ideas and visions to life.
For me, Art is more than all a way to live out whats moving me, I always was open and hungry for the new and challanging.
In my over 20 years of working as a cgartist, I've always tried to aim for the best possible result within the time given - improving my workflows to gain the time to give it the extra which makes it my best work done up to this point.
Knowing then I've given my best also felt even more beautiful seing it makes players I've met happy, it's to share this joy and happiness I felt since i was a child - when is was admiring all the beautiful artworks in RPG Books and all kind of Games and Movies.

I also teach art since a few years, not only as a teacher for masterclasses in 3d and conceptart, and much more important for me, I spend much time with streetwork teaching art to children from financially weak families, because art gave me something I could hold on to and I believe this should be accessable to every child who really wants to learn this.

As for personal projects, I often wish I had more time to push them, to spend more time to create own worlds, to draw comics or work on my personal game project, paint more canvases...

Welcome to my world, I hope you enjoy my personal portfolio.


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